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Map of GlobalNet backbone networks

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Map of GlobalNet backbone networks


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Network Support

General information

We undertake comprehensive management of the operational activities and IT infrastructure of our clients.

Network services

The advantages of network services/ managed network services to customers are as follows:

Clients can focus on their core competencies and save substantial sums of money in building and maintaining network capabilities.

Customers can minimize their risks of network failure or data loss due to the same by offloading the risk to network service providers.

Ease in meeting compliance requirements of regulatory authorities owing to the expertise of service providers in the same.

Installation and Design

We specialise in providing bespoke IT network services that are designed, installed and maintained to suit your specific requirements.

We will assign one of our dedicated and professional account managers to perform a comprehensive survey of your business environment, current network and any future aims to expand your business.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business needs, we will be able to design the most suitable networks to meet your requirements.

Manage Services

Our company's services may be an attractive possibility towards substantial budget savings, more flexible computing capacity and more reliable network uptime and performance.

More specifically we offer the following:

  • Business Requirements Development;
  • Solution Evaluation;
  • Profiling and optimization;
  • Reporting and analytics.

Our capabilities

Thanks to the high level of service quality and flexible support programs, we ensure the smooth operation of the client's IT infrastructure.