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Map of GlobalNet backbone networks


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Remote IX

General information

We offer our clients favorable conditions to become a member of the world's leading IX platforms using a single port.

As a result of proficient partnerships with demanded traffic exchange points, we arrange remote connections to DE-CIX, AMS-IX, NL-ix, Netnod IX, LINX, DTEL-IX.

Service advantages:

Interaction with foreign IX, without burdening oneself with direct contact, negotiating conditions, and concluding an agreement and other paper and administrative work;

Possibility of simultaneous use of DATAIX, foreign IX and IPT in one port;

No costs for channel rent, purchase, installation, placement and maintenance of equipment abroad.

Our capabilities

Remote connections to the world's leading traffic exchange points on favorable terms for customers.

Related services

Channel lease options: L2 VPN, DWDM channels, L3 VPN.
DATAIX is the international allocated and secured peer-to-peer network for traffic exchange between telecom operators and content generators.