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Карта магістральної мережі GlobalNet


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01 груд 2019

Welcome Peering: test DATAIX and get X-Connect for free!


GlobalNet launched special offer: test DATAIX and get X-connect for free!

"Welcome Peering" is a promo that makes it easier for companies operating in Western Europe and Scandinavia to connect to international peer-to-peer network DATAIX. Till the end of this year connection to DATAIX with 10G port is absolutely free for two years and with 100G – for one year! 

Our team takes care of X-connect at no cost in 17 data centers with GlobalNet's POPs (Points of presence). The offer applies to the first 10G or 100G port for new DATAIX participants until the end of December 2022.

DATAIX is the international allocated secure peer-to-peer network for traffic exchange. The uniqueness of DATAIX network is the availability of own backbone infrastructure. 

Would you like to take advantage of this offer? We are looking forward to fill you in the details of the promotion and organize a cross-connection in a location convenient for you!

Just leave a request on our website or write us to ix@dataix.eu.

Welcome Peering

Сonnection to DATAIX with 10G port is absolutely free for two years and with 100G - for one year!

З повагою, команда GlobalNet.